Arnold, Janet and Ralph
  Bingham, Rick & Don Nowak
  Blenke, Gerry and Darlene
  Bradley, Jim and Carolyn
  Busse, David and Eva
  Carroll, Steve and Debbie
  Combs, Mike and Jean
  Cooper, Glen "SLUGGO" and Sheila
  Diersen, Ron and Tina
  Faigle, Bill and Pat
  Gieske, Bob and Joan
  Hagedorn, Tim and Bonnie
  Harney, John and Winnie
  Henline, TC and Tilly
  Hill, John and Robbie
  Huebner, Tom and Diana
  Huffman, Jerry and Kay
  Hunley, Tim and Suzanne
  Jeffers, Don and Brigitte
Kallmemyer, Bob and Mary Jo
Kramer, Ken
Layman, David and Joanne
Longo, Sue
Lowe, Dennis
Luebbe, Ed and Margie
Martin, Jim and Terri
Milligan, Scott and Julie
Rogers, Don and Sylvia
Russo, Tony and Beckie
Schutter, Ralph and Tava
Shotwell, John and Jean
Sinclair, Mike and Penny
Sluder, Ernie and Judy
Stallsworth, Ray and Janet
Taylor, Ron and Debby
Thompson, John and Betty
Trimpe, Bob and Juanita
Williams, Carl and Linda



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